Applied Mathematics and Differential Equations

Group Members

Research Interests
Emeritus Prof Genrich Belitskii

Local and global invariants of dynamic systems, formal normal forms of dynamic systems and formal maps, local classifications of singularities, solvability of differential and functional equations on smooth manifolds, finite dimensional linear analysis, infinite dimensional nonlinear analysis.

Prof. Leonid Berezansky

Differential Equations, differential-functional and difference equations

Prof. Michael Gil

Partial and ordinary differential Equations, intergral differential equations, stability of oscillatory systems, control systems

Prof. Leonid Prigozhin

Free boundary and variational problems, numerical methods, mathematical modeling, granular mechanics, applied super- conductivity

Emeritus Prof Vladimir Gol’dshtein

Functional analysis: Sobolev spaces, global analysis: analysis on manifolds and L2-cohomology, geometrical theory of functions: quasi-conformal mappings, chemical engineering science.

Prof. Mark Ayzenberg-Stepanenko

Unsteady-state problems of mathematical physics, mathematical modelling of wave and fracture propagation in solids and structures, dynamic strength and stability of composites under impact. Mathematical models of penetration processes and protective structure optimal design.

Prof. Arkady Poliakovsky

Partial differential equations, geometric measure theory

Prof. Chen Dubi
Prof. Gregory Derfel

Functional differential equations and their applications in spectral theory of Schroedinger operator, dynamical systems and probability theory.

Prof. Nina Chernyavskaya

Differential equations, asymptotic theory of differential operators

Prof. Boris Zaltzman

Dualitative properties of partial differential equations. mathematical models of water disalination by electro-dialysis

Partial Differential Equations
Mr. Paz Hashash

Function spaces and geometric measure theory. In particular, I am interested in problems related to Besov spaces, Sobolev spaces, spaces of functions of bounded variation, and functions of bounded mean oscillation. Analytical and geometrical properties of such functions are my focus.

My homepage can be viewed through the link:

Prof. Yitzchak Rubinstein

Theory of nonlinear transport processes in continuous media, specific interests: mass and momentum transfer in electrolyte solutions, synthetic ion-exchange membranes, reaction-diffusion, free boundary problems in heat and mass transfer.