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Paul A. Fuhrmann

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Department of Mathematics,

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,

POB 653. Beer-Sheva 84105,


Present position: Professor at the Department of Mathematics, Ben-GurionUniversity of the Negev

Research Interests:

My current research interests are in the following directions:

Algebraic System Theory, Behaviors, Observer Theory, Functional Models.


In June 1996 my book: A Polynomial Approach to Linear Algebra was publishedby Springer.

A short announcementis enclosed. So are aEuropeanorder formas well as an American order form.





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Its table of contents and preface are reproduced here.


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Lecture Notes:

This is a set of lecture notes prepared for the 1998 Thematic Term on Linear Algebra and Control Theory, that took place at CIM, Coimbra,Portugal.

Slide sets:

For the convenience of interested users, I am including several sets ofslides that I have used at various conferences. Please point out to meany mistakes that you may find. Remember: Nothing is perfect.



This is a set of slides prepared for the 1997 Summer Workshop on"Mathematicsfor Systems",St. Emilion, France.

This is a set of slides prepared for the 1998 Thematic Term on LinearAlgebra and Control Theory, to take place at CIM, "Coimbra,"Portugal.

Some Photos:

With John Baras, in Roger Brockett's yard, Lexington MA, 1977.

Mtzad Zohar, a border fortress on the way to the Dead Sea.

NATO Conference, Cambridge MA, 1978.

The end of a memorable Massada climb by Michiel Hazewinkel and T.J. Tarn, MTNS83.

Bob Hunt, PF and Edmund Jonckheere, PatrickDewilde, PF and Yves Genin, De Branges and Gianni Marchesini, Roger Brockett, Gianni and Leonardo Marchesini, Jan van Schuppen, GiorgioPicci, Zames, MTNS83.

P. Fuhrmann, Bucharest 1986.

B. Sz.-Nagy and P. Fuhrmann, Negev 19??.

Kalman and some of his students, (L.to R.: E. Sontag, Y. Yamamoto, T. Matsuo and A.C. Antoulas). Kalman and Lions, Kalman and PF, GiorgioPicci, Roger Brockett and Jan Willems,, Brockett, Baras and Gohberg,Michel Fliess (withJan Willems and Michael Heymann in the background), grouppicture, Frascatti 1990.

Raimund Ober, AndersLindquist,Hector Sussmann facing the Judeandesert

Tosio Ando, Adamjanand Arov,Daniel Alpay and A. Dijksma, HarryDym and Rien Kaashoek, Ciprian Foias andBill Helton,Harm Bart, AndreRan, A. Nudelman, I. Gohberg and D. Arov,Heinz Langer, Sapporo 1991.

Thanos Antoulas in Kyoto,, R.Barmish and Pramod Khargonekar, , HidenoriKimura and guests, Kobe 1991.

Luciano Pandolfi, Grouppicture at the Riccati Conference, Como.

Group picture at the ILAS meeting in Auburn.

Peli (Pratzel-Wolters)and UweHelmke at the Dead sea.Uwe Helmke afew years younger.PF and Raimund Ober on Massada.

Group picture at the ILAS meeting in Chemnitz,August 1996.

Hans Schumacher and Peter Zagalak, PFand Anton Stoorvogel, Kharitonov and AntonStoorvogel, Istanbul 1995.

Vladimir Kucera, 1996.

With Michiel Hazewinkel having coffee withthe bedouins, December 1996.

Our bedouin hostess, December 1996.

The Operator Theory Conference in honour of Moshe Livsic, BGU 1997.

M. Livsic

The organizers: V. Vinnikov and D.Alpay

V. Adamyan , S.Fedorov, V. Adamyan and V. Dubovoy , A.Benartzy ,C. Davis , L.Debranges ,L. Debranges , H.de Snoo ,P. Dewilde and A. Markus ,P.Dewilde and P. Fuhrmann ,M. Dritschel, V.Adamyan, V. Dubovoy and A. Nudelman, A.Gombani ,

A. Kheifetz, A. Nudelman, M. Solomyak,V. Vasyunin
J. Leblond, C. Sadosky, Ch. Tretter
S. Marcantognini

D. Hershkowitz , A.Kheifets ,N. Krupnik , H.Langer ,J. Leblond , B.Pavlov and V. Katsnelson ,S. Marcantognini ,A.Markus and P. Dewilde ,I. Lewkovitzand N. Cohen ,A. Nudelman, A.Nudelman and L. Sakhnovich,R. Ober ,R.Ober , B. Pavlov ,J.Leblond, C. Sadoski and Ch. Tretter ,L.Sakhnovich , M. Solomyak ,A.Strauss , V. Tkachenko ,E.Tsekanovskii, S. Treill and V. Vasyunin ,V.Dubovoy, A. Nudelman and S. Treill ,E.Tsekanovskii, V. Vinnikov , L.Waksman ,N. Young and V. Vinnikov ,N.Young ,

St. Emilion Workshop, July 1997.

St. Emilion Workshop members at the Smith Haut Lafitte winery, Bordeaux 1997.

Dinner at the Smith Haut Lafitte winery, Bordeaux 1997.

Dinner at the Smith Haut Lafitte winery, Bordeaux 1997.

Tom Kailath, Bordeaux 1997.

Paul Fuhrmann, Maho Najim, Tom Kailath.

Harry Dym, Bordeaux 1997.

Pictures taken at the conference in honor of M.S. Livsic's 80th birthday, June-July 1997.

Pictures taken at the Kaiserslautern Conference, September 1997.

Pictures taken at the the thematic term on Linear Algebra and Control, Coimbra, May-June 1998.

Pictures taken at the Padova MTNS-98,July 1998.

Israel Gohberg's 70th Birtday Conference, Beer Sheva, 1998.

D. Hinrichsen's 60th birthday Conference, April 1999, Borkum Island


Shaul Fuhrmann
Naomi Fuhrmann