Geometric Analysis and PDE

Group Members

Research Interests
Emeritus Prof Vladimir Gol’dshtein

Functional analysis: Sobolev spaces, global analysis: analysis on manifolds and L2-cohomology, geometrical theory of functions: quasi-conformal mappings, chemical engineering science.

Prof. Arkady Poliakovsky

Partial differential equations, geometric measure theory

Mr. Roman Panenko
Prof. Arkady Leiderman

Set theoretic topology, functional analysis, topological groups.

Fundamentals of Analysis for EE - part I, Differential Calculus for EE and Fundamentals of Analysis for EE - part I
Mr. Paz Hashash

Function spaces and geometric measure theory. In particular, I am interested in problems related to Besov spaces, Sobolev spaces, spaces of functions of bounded variation, and functions of bounded mean oscillation. Analytical and geometrical properties of such functions are my focus.

My homepage can be viewed through the link:

Prof. Alexander Ukhlov

Geometric analysis: Sobolev spaces theory. Quasiconformal analysis. Geometric measure theory. Analysis on metric measure spaces.

Introduction to Differential Equations B2