Dr. Matan Ziv-Av

Course topics

  1. Descriptive statistics: organizing, processing and displaying data. 2. Sampling distributions: Normal distribution, the student t-distribution, Chi-Square distribution and Fisher’s F-distribution 3. Estimation: A point estimate and Confidence Interval of population parameters: Mean variance and proportion. Tolerance interval. 4. Testing hypothesis about a population’s parameters: Mean, variance and proportion. 5. Evaluating the properties of a statistical test: errors, significance level and power of a test. 6. Testing hypothesis about equality of variances, equality of means and equality of proportions of two populations. 7. Testing for independence of factors: Normal and Chi-Square methods. 8. Testing for goodness of fit of data to a probabilistic model: Chi-Square test. 9. Linear regression: Inference about the utility of a linear regression model. Covariance and correlation coefficient. Confidence and prediction intervals. 10. Weibull distribution: estimating the distribution’s parameters

University course catalogue: 201.1.9421

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