Prof. Ido Efrat

Course topics

Coding Theory investigates error-detection and error-correction. Such errors can occur in various communication channels: satellite communication, cellular telephones, CDs and DVDs, barcode reading at the supermarket, etc. A mathematical analysis of the notions of error detection and correction leads to deep combinatorial problems, which can be sometimes solved using techniques ranging from linear algebra and ring theory to algebraic geometry and number theory. These techniques are in fact used in the above-mentioned communication technologies.

  1. The main problem of Coding Theory
  2. Bounds on codes
  3. Finite fields
  4. Linear codes
  5. Perfect codes
  6. Cyclic codes
  7. Sphere packing
  8. Asymptotic bounds

R. Hill, A First Course in Coding Theory, Clarendon Press, Oxford 1986

University course catalogue: 201.1.4501