Dmitry Kerner
k e r n e r d m math bgu ac il (Remove all the spaces, insert dots and @)
map (room: 217, building 58, office hours: by appointment, call 6-1606/send an e-mail before you come) more maps

I work on Singularity Theory, Classical Algebraic Geometry and some related Commutative Algebra.
My papers on the and Mathscinet.
My math reviews on Mathscinet and Zentralblatt.
A Mathematica script for enumeration of plane curves with two singular points
Some rare texts (.pdf) I found in the net

In praise of Lectures.   A sermon.
How to prepare a mathematically correct breakfast
Sssstudentses,    Music of Pi
Be careful when using calculators or various
computation software (e.g. Mathematica, Matlab,...)
Should Math be taught in Schools?
Imaginary -an interactive travelling math.exhibition
A gallery of algebraic surfaces
Free Divisors
Experimental Geometry Lab
Understanding higher dimensions
Doodling in math class