Conference on Probability in Mathematics

Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation


On the occasion of Hillel Furstenberg's retirement


TOPICS will include: Stochastic Processes, Topological Dynamics, Boundary Theory, Ergodic Theory, Combinatorial Number Theory.

The conference will consist of two parts:
Jerusalem    - June 17-19, 2003

Beer Sheva  - June 22-24, 2003

Organizing Committee:
B. Weiss - chairman
D. Berend
E. Glasner
M. Jarden
M. Lin
A. Lubotzky
E. Merzbach

Austrian Cultural Forum, Tel Aviv
Bar-Ilan University - Emmy Noether Institute
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev - Center for advanced studies in Mathematics
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Israel Academy of Sciences
Israel Science Foundation
The Polish Institute, Tel Aviv

Travel Excursion

Participants Program Full Abstracts

Special Volume of the Israel Journal of Math.

M. Aizenman
A. Bellow
V. Bergelson
S.G. Dani
E. Glasner
R.I. Grigorchuk
Y. Guivarch
V. Kaimanovich
T. Kamae
A. Katok
D. Kazhdan
M. Keane
H. Kesten
B. Kra
F. Ledrappier
M. Lemanczyk
E. Lindenstrauss
S. Molchanov
S. Mozes
A. Nevo
Y. Peres
F. Przytycki
K. Schmidt
Ya.G. Sinai
A. Sznitman
R. Tichy
A. Vershik
B. Weiss
O. Zeitouni